Emma Smith - Founder of Zimt Artisan Chocolates 
Our company hired Iulia consistently for our photography - we have no need to look elsewhere for our shoots! She is so wonderful to work with - always so kind, easy going, quick with the editing, and her photos are obviously fantastic ! Her photos have made such a big difference for our social media presence and website ! We are looking forward to working together for years to come! 

Tara Teng - Miss Canada 2012
As a blogger and former Miss Canada, I am very selective of who I choose to work with to represent my brand; Iulia never disappoints. Her photographic style and creativity is light, airy, bright and feminine.
Her work has distinct whimsical feel and her keen attention to detail knows how to make magic out of the ordinary. She is warm, professional and always willing to try something new.
She makes her clients feel beautiful and I would recommend her services to anyone, above and beyond, because I know that you will love her and her work as much as I do. 

Victoria Senges - Owner & Designer of V SHOP by Victoria Senges Design Co. 
Iulia is one of the most creative and talented individuals I have met. Her eye for the little details is what I love most about her work. I needed some product photography for my website and I went straight to Iulia because I had seen her Product Photography before and I knew that she would be able to capture my products well. She exceeded all of my expectations and I am so happy with the outcome.
When Iulia has the opportunity to use her creative freedom, the outcome is completely magical. She sees things that others cannot see, which makes her unlike the rest.
She is a genuine and lovely individual, which makes working with her an absolute delight. I have enjoyed working with her and will continue to do so without a doubt!

Alice Ko - Business Strategist 
Iulia is the most talented photographer I know. Every single person I introduce her to is blown away by her natural talent, professionalism and extraordinarily positive attitude. I do not know a single person, who, upon meeting Iulia, misses an opportunity to book a shoot with her.
She gives me the confidence I never knew I had in front of the camera. Before Iulia, I feared photos, photographers and cameras. Iulia has a special gift where she captures your strengths and makes you shine like a star. Because of her, I feel beautiful.
I am blessed to know her, and hands down, would only ever recommend her as a photographer to anybody looking for one.

Leighann Christian - Yoga Instructor and Life Coach at Balance Mentality 
Iulia is a resourceful, imaginative photographer. An idea comes into her head and she always somehow translates it into an amazing picture.. or, if it's not what she expected, she tweaks it to find another way to communicate her vision. Seeing her photos is like drinking a glass of water after walking a day in the desert; it's so refreshing!
I always feel well taken care of when shooting with her; if we're outside, she provides me with things to stay warm, and never hesitates to prepare a tea or coffee. The most important fact about Iulia, though, is that she captures the absolute best in whoever she's with. I can always depend on her to give me photos that I'd use to represent me in any part of the world.

Casi Gill - Co-Founder of Lana&Casi and Owner of Hair By Casii

Iulia has been an absolutely dream to work with this past year. I have admired her work from the moment I saw it and I knew that she could bring my visions to life. Iulia's creative talent and love for her work shines through in every single photo.
Bringing and idea to life can often be challenging when needing to stage the shoot but Iulia without fail brings confidence and peace of mind to everyone involved, teaching you how to pose and guiding you through the entire process. She is always there for questions & responds back immediately.
It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Iulia and her unbelievable talent. She has been my go to photographer since the beginning and I can't wait for what the future will bring us and the art we will create. 

Jane Chu - Personal Real Estate Corporation 

If you have seen Iulia's work, you'd know exactly what I meant by her work speaks for itself. From corporate headshots to lifestyle, Iulia can shoot. She has the ability to draw out the best in each and every single one of her clients, producing the results that they want.
I first came across Iulia's photographs via social media and I fell in love with her distinctive lifestyle shots. I noticed that there was a certain tenderness and artistry to her work. Her lifestyle shots were like precious pieces of artwork, as if they were done by water color paint.

Iulia's pieces have a way of showcasing women in a romantic light and it becomes a statement of elegance and beauty. When I saw Iulia's work, I knew I wanted to be shot by her and that I wanted to be seen from this perspective.
I was nervous at first because I am by no means, a model. I am just a regular woman who wanted to do something fun for myself. Upon first contact with Iulia, I was put to ease by her approachable and warm character.

During the photoshoot, Iulia created a safe environment for me to relax and to just be myself. The resulting images were amazing - above and beyond my expectations.
Iulia is multi-talented and great to work with. I highly recommend Iulia's services to anyone looking for a photographer for all occasions!

Lana R. Krahn - Co-Founder of Lana&Casi 

When you work with someone over and over you get the benefit of getting to know one another on a personal level. When you reach that point(if you are fortunate) it can be positive or negative. Iulia encompasses so much.First professionalism, but when you get past all of the niceties one requires substance; at least my daughter Casi and I think so.Iulia has more substance and integrity than so many people I know. Once you have those core values then adding her talent of photography is nothing short of a perfect package. Allow me to explain, the three of us; Iulia, Casi and I have been working closely for six months.We have all been so focused on getting the job (we blog) done in a timely fashion, but it has to be perfect.Thank you to Iulia!

 Iulia has this calm persona on the outside (which is crucial) however the one (or several) being photographed have absolutely no idea how Iulia is in complete control; orchestrating light, location, position/posture etc. that said, including and not limited to holding everyone’s handbags, lipstick, and coffees. Iulia has experience and can see things through her lens that I am certain many other photographers can't. Lets keep this an easy read,Iulia has become our friend first, photographer second.

 I will leave you all with this, her photos speak for themselves….but the relentless stomach ache laughter the three of us have is precious and contagious…words can’t explain this incredible working relationship. Casi and I will only prosper with this incredible relationship we have with Iulia.

Lauren Washington - 2015 Bride 

The first time I met Iulia I knew that there was something special about her. She had a presence that just made you comfortable being around her. As soon as she started talking about photography you knew that her passion for it was unmistakable. It has been amazing getting to know her not just as a photographer, but as a friend. I have valued the conversations and time spent with her because she wasn't just "some photographer".

Iulia knows what she is doing behind the camera. Her eye for detail is incredible and the pictures that she captured of me and my husband for our engagement as well as wedding have taken our breath away ! She is so amazingly talented and absolutely whole-heartedly loves what she does and that is evident. I am honoured to have had her as our photographer.

She is approachable, kind, brilliant, and most of all genuine. Because of her and her outstanding work I will have memories of such a beautiful time in my life from now until forever.

The Russnell Family 

We have loved getting our family photo sessions done with Iulia over the last year.
Iulia is such a talented photographer, not only behind the camera but with the people she photographs. She has a special ability of making you feel completely comfortable in front of the camera.
We are so happy with her work, and now we can look back on our daughther's first year and remember all the special moments that seem to go by with a blink of an eye. 

Stacey & Brennan Rusnell